Ante Starčevića 30, 21300 Makarska


The search procedure involves assigning two parameters from the offered list: the destination (in the case of departures from the Makarska bus station), or starting point (in case of arriving at the Station), and the date of departure / arrival.

A moment later the results will be displayed based on your query. The results are sorted by time of arrival / departure but, by clicking on the column header, you can compare the results according to the desired criterion. For example, according to the name of the carrier. Also, please pay attention to the fact that if there are more than 12 daily lines, the result is returned to two or more pages. By clicking the row number of the page at the bottom of the review, a full-day schedule of the selected line is displayed.


(1) Please feel free to contact us for all other information and for checking vacancies and reservations
info phone 021 / 612-333 or personally on station info station.

(2) Running Scheduling Data Recharges are renewed daily, in night hours. During the renewal process, between 2:00 and 4:00 AM in the morning, no timetable search is available.


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