Ante Starčevića 30, 21300 Makarska

Port of Makarska

One of the most beautiful ports in Dalmatia is the port of Makarska. It is a naturally formed port whose structure is bounded by a stone that has resisted for many years the strong influence of the north and south winds. The peninsulas of Sveti Petar and Osejava are responsible for preserving the original appearance of the port. These two peninsulas are like a mother who, hugging, protects our city from all troubles.

Makarska port is the largest and unique port in the area between the Cetina in Omis and the river Neretva in the south. Walking through the port of Makarska you will see a lot of different boats, yachts, boats. Makarska port is indispensable for all boaters.

Makarska port for citizens used to be the main connection with other neighboring cities on the Adriatic (Split, Omis, Rijeka …). It was also an important trading port, especially during the Turkish and Venetian occupation.

Today, a ferry that connects Makarska with Sumartin on the island of Brač comes to the port several times a day.

In 2013, the port of Makarska started with the extension of the breakwater on the Osejava peninsula. In this way, the port itself will be even better protected from the weather, and additional facilities such as the Aci marina will be provided so that the port can accommodate as many ships as possible.


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